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The World of Yogis

If you are into the fantasy series or are fan of Hollywood super hero movies and their universes then you’ll find that even the world of Yogis is somewhat similar. If you have watched the X-men movies then you would have seen different X-men having some unique capabilities like Prof. X can read minds, MagnetoContinue reading “The World of Yogis”

The Yogic Anatomy

Just like the medical science describes human anatomy in terms of how our human body is made up, yoga also has its own anatomy. As per the yogic concepts its can be said that we have 5 different bodies. These are Annamayakosha, Manomayakosha, Pranamayakosha, Vigyanamayakosha and Anandamayakosha. Sadhguru describes them in details in his bookContinue reading “The Yogic Anatomy”

Karma works through tendencies

This was one of the quotes by Sadhguru, “Karma works through tendencies”. I read it and instantly a lot of things started making sense. Over the years I have read and heard many things related to yoga, awareness, tendencies and more, but this one quote put all those things together. I was once listening toContinue reading “Karma works through tendencies”

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